Founded in Paradise, CA in 1969, Joy Lyn’s Candies began in the home of Don & Joan Memmer.  Don, a professional candy maker, converted their patio to a candy kitchen, mini factory and tiny retail store.  The couple named the business after the middle names of their two daughters.

Pam & Bill Hartley purchased Joy Lyn’s Candies in 2000 and became the fourth owners of the business.  Each owner has served as a tutor/mentor to the next, passing on and teaching recipes and techniques.

The Hartleys enjoyed candy making and quickly began to offer new products such as artisan truffles, caramel apples, pumpkin pie truffles, made seasonally in the fall and delicious chocolate dipped strawberries made in the spring.

The Hartleys joined RCI, a professional confectioners organization. Through this organization, they continued to learn techniques, recipes and retail marketing from other candy makers.  They were able to travel throughout Europe and learn more about chocolate and specialty candy making from their European friends.  By 2005, the tiny retail store became too small and the Hartleys added on to the retail store and factory.

Joy Lyn’s is a family business and the Hartley’s son, daughter, nephew, daughter in-law and Pam’s parents all have worked at the business.

In 2006, Bill and Pam founded the Paradise Chocolate Fest, which benefits over 20 different youth organizations in Paradise.  In 2012 they were awarded “Best New Piece” for their Black Gold Truffles at the Retail Confectioners Convention in San Francisco.  They have received recognition from the Confectionery Industry as well as Innovate North-State for their business collaboration with Chico’s Sierra Nevada Brewery in making Beer Peanut Brittle with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Joy Lyn’s was featured on “Delicious Discoveries”, a PBS show highlighting local businesses.  They were also recently honored as one of the top Nor-Cal 100 Manufacturers by Innovate North State.